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Default Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Original Title:
Elfen Lied
Kanji: エルフェンリート
Episode Count: 13+1
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Terror, Sci-fi, Super Power.
Official Site: [Only Registered users can see links . Click Here To Register...]
Year: 2004 (25/07/2004 – 17/10/2004)


Diclonius is the name given to design the next evolution of the human being.

The Diclonius have two particularities, the first one is their horns, and the second is their telekinetic powers, represented by “arms” controlled by their minds. Those “arms” were considered a menace for the humanity due to the fact that the Diclonius children were able to use their powers from the age of 3, and could easily kill anyone who would stand in their way.

Afraid of their powers, the humans quarantined the Diclonius inside secret laboratories where they conducted experiences on them. But their methods were never really “human”, considering that the Diclonius were not human, they didn’t care about how they feel.

During an accident, a Diclonius escaped from the laboratory, killing most of the guards during the process. In a desperate way to prevent her escape, the guards used a Caliber 50 Anti-Tank Riffle. They didn’t kill the Diclonius, but it caused brain damage. That damage caused amnesia on the fugitive.

After being shot, the Diclolius washed ashore at a beach near a town named Kamakura, where she meets two people, Kouta and Yuka, that dive her shelter where they live. Since the Diclonius seemed to have lost her ability to speak besides her memory, they decided to name her Nyuu, the only word that she would say.

Then they decide to live together in Kouta’s house… which was an old hotel…


The music is something quite interesting in this anime, since it us usually really calm, for an anime with so much bloodshed as this one, it is however a good contrast.


The animation’s quite good; their movement’s are not clumsy like the ones we see in some animes, they don’t seem to make some impossible moves out of nowhere.

Characters and descriptions


Lucy is the main character of the anime, she’s a Diclonius, she isn’t friendly towards humans, but she has a reason.


Nyuu is Lucy’s second personality, creaded by her brain damage, she wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Kouta is the guy who shelters Lucy in his “home”, he has some kind of relation with her since he was little, but he forgot.


Yuka is Kouta’s cousin, she decides to live with him and Lucy in his house because she couldn’t trust him – as in not doing anything to Lucy – she has a crush on him.


Mayu’s a homeless little girl who ran away from home because of something they did to her, she represents a critic of how disgusting human being can be.


Nana is another Diclonius, she is currently in the experiments laboratory and being submitted to inhuman experiments, I wonder how she can still smile.


Originally serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine, the complete manga series runs for 107 chapters spanning over 12 volumes, those were never released in English.

Personal Comment – spoiler alert –

Well, after watching all the episodes – including the OVA, I concluded that this anime is an awesome piece of art, the gore that they dare to put in the anime was a bit too much, and it is really rare in animes nowadays.

In this comment, I will speak about what I liked and/or disliked in the series.

Does Lucy/Nyuu have only two personalities, or are they three? My guess is that all Diclonius have two personalities, buy Lucy’s different because of brain damage.

I hated the way they treated the Diclonius as test subjects, I didn’t understand how Nana should love the man who pretended to be her father in that situation.

I think that Nana is the most beloved character of the anime, she only wants to have a tranquil life along with the humans, she doesn’t want to kill them like everyone said. I got really depressed when I thought that her fake father had killed her, I’m glad it wasn’t true…

Diclonius #35 was really a monster, she would have fun making other people suffer, I didn’t feel any pity when she died, she deserved it.

Mayu’s past was horrible, how could a mother be so inhuman to the point of letting her own daughter being raped by her “boyfirends”? I’m glad she could find a peaceful place where to live later on…

Lucy’s past was also terrible, she was betrayed by the girl who was supposed to be her friend and her pet was killed by some stupid brats. They got what they deserved, like someone said, an eye for an eye – I don’t know what I would to in this kind of situation, but I wouldn’t stay there staring…

Kouta made things worse when he lied to Lucy about the festival (however he only lied so she wouldn’t be sad). She killed Kouta’s dad and sister, that is unforgivable and he told her that.

When Lucy accepted to be a test subject to save the other girl, it was na admirable act, since she only lives to kill humans – in fact – disgusting. And the last thing she did was also admirable, even if I try, I can’t hate Lucy.

So in the end, I loves this series, I hope they will never maje a second series, that would only soil this one.

Other Information – spoiler alert–

- Critic to Humanity –

This anime contains a big critica at the human’s thought process, the humans are afraid of what they don’t fully understand, and so they quarantined all of the Diclomius.

It also approaches other topics, like social exclusion for being “different”, rape and pedophily.

Even the friendliest human in the planet can act like that, that’s the human nature…

- Double Personality –

Lucy’s second personality, Nyuu is due to the brain damage that she got when she was shot with the Caliber 50 Anti-Tank Riffle on he assassination attempt.

Nyuu’s personality’s innocent and could never hurt anyone nor getting violent, she has an infantile mind and knows little of the world, she doesn’t know many words either.

I contrast with Nyuu, Lucy hates humans, mainly because of what they did when she was a child, she can be considered sadistic and cold hearted.

When Nyuu is submitted to violence (or hit on the head), her personality Lucy takes control, however, if Lucy is treated kindly, Nyuu will come back, that reminds Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde’s story…

Both the personalities are in love with Kouta.

- Names -

The name Elfen Lied doesn’t come from the English "Elf’s Leaf", it comes form the Germanic and means "Elve’s Song"

Nyuu or rather, nyû ou gyūnyū is a Japanese word that meand “milk, and Kouta gives her that name because she could only say that.

Nana means “seven” in Japanese, that Diclonius has that name because it was her number in the secret facility.

- Empathy on a Diclonius –

Nana is the only Diclonius that feels Empathy towards humans, that is, she doesn’t want to kill them, that’s a rare case of a non-violent Diclonius, her powers are a little stronger than Lucy’s, but since she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, she doesn’t fight very well.

- The Moon –

Why does Lucy points her Vectors towards the Moon in episode 13?

The reason is because old people thought they would go there if they died, so Lucy tried to “get a spot” for her there,

- “Elfen Lied” Poem by Eduard Mörike –

This poem is written in German, since I don’t understand German, I used a program named “Power Translator”, it’s not perfect, but it’s understandable.

Bei Nacht im Dorf der Wächter rief: Elfe!
Ein ganz kleines Elfchen im Walde schlief
wohl um die Elfe!
Und meint, es rief ihm aus dem Tal
bei seinem Namen die Nachtigall,
oder Silpelit hätt' ihm gerufen.

Reibt sich der Elf' die Augen aus,
begibt sich vor sein Schneckenhaus
und ist als wie ein trunken Mann,
sein Schläflein war nicht voll getan,
und humpelt also tippe tapp
durch's Haselholz in's Tal hinab,
schlupft an der Mauer hin so dicht,
da sitzt der Glühwurm Licht an Licht.

Was sind das helle Fensterlein?
Da drin wird eine Hochzeit sein:
die Kleinen sitzen bei'm Mahle,
und treiben's in dem Saale.
Da guck' ich wohl ein wenig 'nein!«

Pfui, stößt den Kopf an harten Stein!
Elfe, gelt, du hast genug?


With night in the village of the guards called: Elf!
A quite small little elf in the forest slept
probably about the elf!
And think, it called for him/it from the valley
with his/its name the nightingale,
or called Silpelit hätt for him/it.

Rub the elf' the eyes from,
goes before his/its shell
and is as as drunkenly a man,
his/its little temple was not fully done,
and therefore hobble taps gropes
durch's Haselholz in's valley down,
schlupft at the wall so densely,
there, the incandescence worm sits light at light.

"What are the light little window?
Since a wedding will be in there:
the babies sit bei'm meals,
and treiben's in the Saale.
There, I look about one little 'no!"

Yuck, pushes the head at hard stone!
Elf, is valid, you have enough?

- Opening Theme –

The lyrics of the opening are in Latin – it seems that there are also some words in Greek -

Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam
Et lingua eius loquetur iudicium (Psalmi 36:30)
Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem
Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipiet coronam vitae (Iacobi 1:12)
{Kyrie, fons bonitatis}
Kyrie, Ignis Divine, Eleison
{O quam sancta, quam serena, quam benigna
Quam amoena esse virgo creditur.}
O quam sancta, quam serena, quam benigna
Quam amoena O castitatis lilium


From the Justice’s Mouth will speak with Wisdom
And from its tongue will tell the sentence
Blessed is the man that supports the Temptation
Because with the experience he’ll recieve the crown of life
Oh Lord, Oh Divine Fire, have Pity
Oh How Sacred, How Serene, How Kind
How Gentle
Oh Pure Lili
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I think this is one of most Ecchi Anime I have seen. But I'm not a big fan of it since i prefer Ecchi Comedies.
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Old 10-16-2010, 01:15 AM
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yeah~i think i agree with you~
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Elfen Lied is a Japanese manga series created Lingang the cartoonist. Elfen Lied is about interaction between thoughts, feelings, and differences between people and the new terms. Elfen Lied in the hero's family, she is the protagonist, anti-hero of the story. Elfen Lied is essentially defined as relations between her love and Kouta, some cheer, but also marks also the deepest tragedy.
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Elfen Lied was young woman who can kill with power thoughts eruption of a military installation, but is wounded during his flight. She loses her memory and is by Kouta.
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elfen lied

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