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Adbrite Relarled discussion to adbrite CPC program

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Default AdBrite Review : CPC / CPM Adsense alternative

AdBrite provides three types of ads to publishers - full page (interstitial) ads, inline ads, and banner & text ads. One feature which makes AdBrite stand out from the competition is that they organize private ad sales, on either a CPM or CPC basis. Following is a screenshot of the private ad sales page.

Full Page (Interstitial) Ads

Interstitial ads are an innovative form of advertising where the advertiser’s website is displayed in a frame which the visitor sees in-between pages of the publisher’s site. This is similar to the television advertising model where ads are displayed in the middle of a show, with interstitial ads the ads are displayed in the middle of browsing a site.

The great thing about interstitial ads is that they earn a consistent CPM no matter the age or web savviness of your visitors, you are paid per visitor no matter what. Whereas with a contextual ad, for example, a web savy visitor would choose not to click it so you wouldn’t be paid. Another advantage is that you can use both interstitial ads and other ads on the same website.

Inline Ads

Inline ads are also quite innovative, certain words on the page are transformed into double underlined hyperlinks, which when hovered over display an ad relevant to the word. One big advantage of inline ads is that they take up very little screen space, leaving more room for content or other ads. Inline ads are highly targeted (relevant ads) if your page has sufficient text, for example, 500 words of content will get better keyword targeting than 20 words of content, and because of the better relevance, higher earnings.

Banner and Text Ads

Similar to Adsense and many other contextual ad networks, the banner and text ads respectively pay on a CPM and CPC basis. In my experience the ad relevance and CPC of the default network ads are less than impressive, it is simply a lower quality copy of Google Adsense. To earn good money from the banner and text ads requires some private ad sales through the Adbrite system, or maybe some lucky keywords.

Earning Potential

Interstitial Ads: Perfectly suited to low CPM sites such as social media sites, video sites, wallpaper sites, and so on. They earn $0.25 CPM for me, on top of any contextual ads on the page. If you have rock solid traffic sources and don’t mind annoying your visitors a little, interstitial ads are the sure way to boost your revenue.

Inline Ads: The revenue depends mainly on the topic of your website, a credit cards site will earn more per click than a desktop wallpapers and so on. The CTR however is usually good because visitors are less ad blind to inline ads than contextual ads.

Banner and Text Ads: Lower earning than Adsense in my experience, but it’s worth a shot; maybe it will work better for your sites than it does mine.

Following is a screenshot of my earnings from one site from interstitial ads.

Payment Methods

AdBrite pay only by check. With a net-60 day payment period, AdBrite is one of the slowest when it comes to payments, but after the net-60 period the check takes just days to arrive (to Australia). Fortunately, they convert the check to your local currency which saves having to pay a bank a currency conversion fee.
Best Suited Websites

Interstitial Ads: Low CPM sites and those looking for an easy way to boost their revenue.
Inline Ads: Websites about high paying topics such as credit cards.
Banner and Text Ads: People banned from Adsense and big-name websites who can aquire private ad sales.

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