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Old 08-21-2010, 05:49 PM
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Default Long Tail Keyword Article - Adsense Question


I want to target with a new website Long Tail keyword phrases and put Adsense ads on it. I am doing this because the basic 2 keyword phrase of my niche is very competitive and trying to rank high would take a long time. So i decided to target low competition Long Tail Keyword phrases. But i have noticed something from within the Adwords keyword tool that i want to ask if someone knows something.

1.) When i examine the CPC of my Long Tail Keyword phrase... lets take an example "loss weight fast and healthy"... as you can see its a Long Tail with 5 keywords. It has an average CPC of 0.05 EURO and it has 480 monthly search requests.

2.) When you examine now the basic 2 keyword phrase of this niche which is "loss weight" it has an average CPC of 2.24 EURO and it has over 20 million search requests per month.

But it is extreamly difficult to rank a new site high very fast by targeting "loss weight". Thats the reason i target with my site.. with each article different Long Tail phrases to rank more easy high...

Question 1) The question now is by writting an article for "loss weight fast and easy" will the Adsense Ads be cheap ads and give me a low return? Because "loss weight fast and easy" has a CPC of only 0.05 EURO? Or will i have Ads with an CPC of 2.24 EURO because "loss weight fast and easy" has also the competitive phrase "loss weight" in it which has a higher CPC???

Question 2) Can i block somehow low paying ads with a low CPC from my Long Tail articles and get ads with a high CPC? What i mean is.. can i have on an article about "loss weight fast and easy" also Adsense ads that are targeting "loss weight" which a have a higher CPC what also means for me more money?????

Question 3) How many visitors can i have for every Long Tail Keyword article per month? For example "loss weight fast and easy" has 480 search requests aper month and it is easy to rank for it if you optimize well your titles, headings etc... So are 5 visitors per month for such an article doable? You will now say wa do you wanna do with only 5 visitors??? If your website has lets say 5000 articles and each one gets 5 visitors per month it makes sense.. the question is... what number is doable? has someone experience in Long Tail article writing and how many visits does this article get per month?

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