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Old 12-26-2010, 03:22 PM
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Arrow 10 Nokia N8 Tips and Tricks

If you have got Nokia N8 recently, it is time to get familiar with the device and get some things done beside taking photographs etc. So here are 10 tips and tricks that you may find useful.

  1. Edit/ setup multiple Home screens

    The ability of having multiple home screens is on of the cool features of Nokia N8. Here is how you can manage multiple Home screens at your N8. To switch Home screen, simply swap your finger left or right on your phone’s Home screen. It has three home screen if you have already noticed. You can have shortcuts of apps, internet, bookmarks etc on each screen (also supports widgets).
    The first step is tapping and holding the screen you want to edit (or choose Options > Edit Home Screen). Now you can move, remove and add more icons, widgets etc on screen (select unwanted items and click remove to delete an icon). You can tap the empty place on screen and you will be navigated to select an item to place on screen.
    This method is great as you can assign Home Screens to Work, Entertainment etc (all three screens work same).
  2. Set security code on your Nokia N8

    You can set the security code on your Nokia N8. follow the procedure.
    • Click Tools > Settings
    • Tap General
    • Scroll down to select Security
    • On security screen, select Phone and SIM
    • Scroll down to select Lock Code
    • Now type 12345 (the default lock code) and choose OK.
    • You will be asked to enter the new code and then enter it one more time press OK (security code can only have numbers 0 to 9 in it). You will get the message ‘Lock Code Changed
  3. Setup Nokia N8′s Contact Groups

    Here is the method on how you can setup a group and add members into it in your Nokia N8.
    • Go to Contacts > Groups > Options > New Group
    • Name the Group and select OK
    • We have created the group, the next thing is to add members in it. Open the group you have just created.
    • Select Options > Add Members
    • Choose the name of member to add and press OK
  4. Speed Up Home screen swiping

    This will make Home screen swiping instant, removes perceived lag between screens. Go to Menu> Settings > Themes > Options > Theme Effects and select Off.
  5. Change Wallpaper on Nokia N8

    Changing wallpaper on Nokia devices is not difficult but Symbian^3 is new OS so some people may find it difficult. Open your Image folder and choose the image to select as wallpaper. Once you have chooses the image, tap Option. Now scroll down and find Use Image and tap it (you can zoom the image to fit your liking). After you have satisfied with size, tap the screen and press Set. It is that simple.
  6. Take a professional portrait picture with your Nokia 8
  7. Using Widgets on your Home screen is easy.
  8. Use Nokia N8 as a projector

    You do not need a projector for your next meeting. Your Nokia N8 with HDMI cable can replace a projector. Plugin N8 straight into TV/ monitor and you will be able to control your power point presentation from your phone. (You can watch the videos and photos directly on TV without transferring them using this method as well).
  9. Assign a ringtone to specific contact/ group

    It is always a good idea to assign specific tones to certain people in your contact list to know if they are calling without talking you phone out of your pocket and checking who is on call. You can do this on N8, Go to Contacts and select the desired contact. Tap Options and then Edit. Now, select the Ringing Tone field and choose the ring tone. You can do the same for Groups, In Contacts select Group tab and tap and hold on desired group name. A menu will pop up, select Ringing Tone and choose the tone from the list.
  10. Factory reset Nokia N8

    Follow these steps to factory reset your Nokia N8.
    • Go to Menu > Settings
    • Then, go to Phone and scroll down to Phone mgmt
    • Select Factory Settings and you will be given two options
    • Select Delete Data and Restore
    • The phone will restart and all data will be wiped out
So these are some of tips and tricks to get you started with your Nokia N8. With great camera, screen and options Nokia N8 is capable of doing some great things and comes with classic features. We will keep discussing them so come back for more.
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Old 04-06-2011, 07:00 AM
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The latest nokia phone is Nokia N8,The N8 is incredible because the Nokia N8 and Symbian 3 offer a better and more enhanced user experience than previous devices,Nokia N8 mobile comes with a great list of features,Accessing internet videos is quick and simple,16GB on-board storage memory expandable through the microSD card slot,The Nokia N8 feels special. With an anodised aluminium body, Suffice it to say, you won't be lacking for options with this phone.
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Old 04-12-2011, 04:13 PM
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Nokia N8 is one of the best featured phone which is launched by Nokia.We can get all the latest features in this phone.The speed of the internet in this phone is incredible and easy to use.It has 16 GB on board store memory.It is available at a affordable price.
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Old 07-23-2011, 08:55 AM
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Nokia N8 is the first released smartphone to run Symbian^3, but strongly resembles earlier versions of the operating system. The main reason is the fact that Nokia didn't have the time and, probably the spare resources, to start a new OS from the scratch. Basically, Nokia engineers worked on the Symbian^1 platform adding new features and enhancements, making it faster and more eye-candy.
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