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Old 08-24-2008, 12:36 PM
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Default PHP-Nuke Evolution 2.0.5

PHP-Nuke Evolution 2.0.5
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Things that cannot be found in other Nuke packages:

* Base/Core
o Improved security with improved patching and SQL protections
o Improved speed and memory improvements on all main files
o SQL caching
o Drag and drop block admin
o Drag and drop customizable navigation block
o Drag and drop customizable user block
o HTML 4.01 Transitional compliance on many pages
o The ability to use WYSIYG (FCK or tiny_mce) or bbcode on many text areas
o AUC available everywhere
o Vastly improved CAPTCHA system
o HTML Input filter
o Improved theme management system
o Error tracking and logging
o Security tracking and logging
o Lazy Google tap
o Image resize everywhere
o Evolution version checker
o Password Strength Meter
o Lock your site to unregistered users
o Collapsing Blocks
o Advanced Installer
o Automatic SQL optimization
o Improved dynamic titles
o IE PNG fix everywhere
o Improved session handling
o BBCode can be used in many areas
o User Administration links on profile
o phpBB User Groups Integration
* Modules
o XML sitemap creator for Google
o XData merged with CNBYA
o One profile area
o Ability to control the view of right and left blocks per module easily
o Newsletter Optout
* Forum mods
o Auto grouping with ranks and AUC
o Better forum quick reply
o Advanced BBCode Box v5 with YouTube and GoogleVideo bbcode
o At a glance cement
o Ability to lock forum polls from being seen before a person votes
o Welcome PM
o AUC Groups
o Hide Images and Links to guests
o DHTML Forum Config Admin
o Email notification shows attachments
o Post finished redirection
o Advanced Log Actions
o View Sig in profile
o Edit User Post Count

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