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Rules The rules of the forum which all members should respect .

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Default Forum Rules

General Rules:
  • Use search tool before posting a "NewTopic"! It is indeed irritating to still answer the same questions again and again. So if you really do not find anything with search, then post your question.
  • Post only one time with the same subject in the appropriate forum and not several times in various forums by thinking that it will answered more quickly.
  • The messages which are not in connection with the subject of the topic will be moved or removed! Also avoid flooding!
  • When you have a problem, try to give the maximum information so that one can solve it as soon as possible.
  • Do not use curse words in your pseudo.

  • While posting in Help/Support Forum: DO explain the problem, clearly in the topic title and give some description in the description field.
  • DO NOT use abbreviations in the forums, write those in detail, so that you can get the support / solution to your problem.
  • When you have signature request, Find the correct topic and post in there, DO NOT post wherever you can.

  • Use an explicit title! Subjects having title as "help me" or "Great!!!" will be removed. Expose your question clearly. Also avoid descriptions in all capital letters!
  • When you post in the forum "Skins, Icons, Themes, Wallpapers" specify in your title the topic as: [ wall ] for wallpaper, [ VS ] visual style [ icon ] for icons...
  • Add [solved] when somebody has answered your question, or your graphic request has been made.

  • In all the cases try to be polite and courteous, you are in a public place. Do not use Vulgar words. Messages or posts with vulgar words will be immediately removed
  • SMS Style messages are prohibited!! If SMS Style messages are seen, those members will be suspensed or sometimes even banned for the somecases!! A forum message should not be small like SMS. Your messages are not limited to 160 characters per message!! Moreover this forum is French/English: Often international people use an online translator to see what it is in their own language (and conversely). However online translators cannot translate these SMS style messages, therefore the sentences become incomprehensible?
  • Do not use too large images in dimensions,because everyone does not have a ADSL/cable internet connection and a high resolution. The posted images should not exceed 640 by480 pixels! If the image is larger, puts a thumbnail/miniature of the image (redirecting towards the larger image) or just leave a link
    Use less number of smiles int he message.

Avatar and Signatures:
  • Any misuse in the avatar/ signature that shocks the other members of the forum, will be immediately removed.
  • Your Avatar should not be more than 120x120 pixels and should not exceed 40Kb!
  • Your signature should not be more than 320x80 pixels and should not exceed 40Kb. You can use a signature OR three userbars. If you use an image in your signature, DO NOT add too much text below (two lines).
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